Aging Joyfully

William Shakespeare said, “with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

We must laugh often; so, our eyes light up and show the joy that is within our heart. With the laughter throughout the years, comes laugh lines around the eyes and in our cheeks. Every wrinkle proves how much joy we have had in our lives. So, why do we try to hide it?

I’m in my 30’s now. With that, I have a permanent wrinkle in my forehead, I have some creases around my eyes and I have one gray on my head. I try to think back to when I got my first gray. I’m pretty certain it was a few years ago. Thinking about it, I got my first gray when I had my first child. Hahaha! My mom always told me that my brother and I gave her grays! I suppose her wise words were true. But, she also told me that each gray represents wisdom.

So, if that is the case I still have more to learn. Continue reading “Aging Joyfully”

Embracing My Post-Baby Body

All too often, I look in the mirror and think, “I need to lose weight. I can’t wear a two-pieced swimsuit; because, everyone will see my stretch marks. How embarrassing. I have to wear loose clothing; so, no one sees the leftover pudge from the baby weight I can’t seem to lose.”

Why am I doing that? If I think about it, it’s vanity (all in the name of the beauty – a beauty that Emily, Christina and I have been working on rewriting). I have a set image of what my body is suppose to look like. It’s not there. So, I hide it.

I hide weight well, I’m told. I tell people my weight; and, they think I’m joking. I just pick clothes that hide what I want to hide. I wear high-waisted pants to hide my lower pooch. I’ll wear yoga pants when I can’t squeeze into my pre-baby jeans. I wear a flowy shirt when I have to wear my tight jeans. It’s a cycle I want to break. I want to embrace my post-baby body.

So, what if I shifted my focus on what my body is for instead? Continue reading “Embracing My Post-Baby Body”

The Difference Between Sexy & Beautiful

Have you ever sat down to think about the difference between sexy and beautiful?

I have. It can get difficult to see the difference when solely thinking about appearance.

In You Are Beautiful Believe It, I went over the dictionary definition of Beautiful. It’s “possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind; excellent of its kind; wonderful; fantastic; extraordinary.” I broke it down by providing examples on how to be beautiful: smile at everyone even yourself; let whatever exits your mouth be lovely; and, think about beautiful things and your life will become beautiful.

Now let’s compare it to the definition of sexy: “concerned predominately or excessively with sex; risque; sexually interesting or exciting; excitingly appealing; glamorous. ”

There are times sexy and beautiful can provide the same feeling; since, they both appeal to the senses. But, let’s think about this. Continue reading “The Difference Between Sexy & Beautiful”

Enjoy Something Beautiful

“Enjoy something beautiful, truly enjoy it, and your heart will be joyful.” – Ludavia Harvey (hey, that’s me!).

I love having a joyful heart. When my heart is joyful, the joy comes out and becomes contagious. My kids are in a good mood. The people I interact with are in a good mood. It’s just a good day.

I have been on a mission of living more intentionally and slowing down to notice the beauty and the people right in front of me. To be candid, it’s a little awkward. It’s the fast-paced, instant-gratification, stay-really-really-busy-or-your-not-successful era that I live in. It tells me, that my mission of slowing down and enjoying my surroundings is weird.

But, aren’t we suppose to enjoy the life we were given? Yes. And it being a blur, doesn’t tell me that I’ve slowed down enough to enjoy it. Continue reading “Enjoy Something Beautiful”

How to Choose Joy Daily

I love how Dr. Wess Stafford, author of Too Small to Ignore explains joy; “joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.”

Joy is a choice. You wake up and decide, “I am going to choose joy today. Even if it seems that rain is pouring down on me. I am going to find at least one thing that brings me joy.”

I am speaking about joy today (even though this is a Beauty Rewrites series); because, being joyful is beautiful.

Remember, when you beam a smile at someone you uplift her spirits. She now views you as beautiful; because, you have brought positivity into her life. Continue reading “How to Choose Joy Daily”